How to Make MORE Money As A Photographer

Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Are you passionate about photography, but finding it challenging to turn your beautiful images into a profitable venture? This is for you. I share with you my tips on how to make photography that sells

In this blog, I’ll share some amazing ideas and tips to help you monetize your photography business and achieve your dreams. Whether you’re a macro, landscape, or nature photographer, I’ve got you covered with valuable insights to make your dream photography business a reality.

Before we begin, grab a pen and paper, or save this blog for later, so you can focus on the tips I’m about to share.

TIP #1: Determine your ultimate dream
Do you want to sell your images for higher prices, making them more exclusive and valuable? Or are you more interested in stock photography, which may yield smaller profits but provides a broader market? Whatever it may be, write down your dream on that paper.

Now, the key is to focus on just one dream. While I’ll give you various ideas and options, concentrate on a single path to achieve success. For instance, my dream was to have my images displayed in upscale hotels and restaurants. Having clarity about your vision will set the stage for your photography business journey.

TIP #2: Research, research, research!
Once you’ve identified your dream, it’s time to conduct some research. Look into what photography styles and images are in high demand currently. This research will help you tailor your portfolio to what potential clients are seeking, giving you a competitive edge.

If you feel you need guidance and support throughout this process, consider seeking a coach who can help you refine your approach and maximize your chances of success.

TIP #3: The ESSENTIAL step!
You have to align your work with what your clients want. Remember, this is not about indulging your personal preferences as a hobbyist. It’s about producing work that serves your audience and meets their needs.

Take a fresh look at your existing portfolio and assess whether it aligns with the research you’ve conducted. If not, don’t hesitate to plan and execute new photo shoots that cater to your client’s desires.

By shifting your mindset and photographing with your clients in mind, you’ll create a portfolio that appeals directly to potential buyers. Remember, this is about delivering value to your clients and serving them with photography.

Watch the video below
I share the tips in-depth with extra easter eggs for you to hear that will help you sell more photos!



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